Hello, bitches! I can’t believe I didn’t write anything for so long time. I read my old posts and I’ve realized that many of my posts were about unrequited love. That were a hard times. I couldn’t get over my friend, who didn’t like me. Can I tell you how I moved on? I liked … More HERE I AM


When things not go as expected, and your stressed, and you even don’t know about that, a little monster comes in to your mind. And you realize you’re screwed. Again. You remember those shiny days, when everything was so much easier and things were floating in the air. The grass was green and high, butterflies … More HAVING OCD


I woke up today and one thing hit me. I start to understand all sad love songs and messages, all the prayers and weeps from a broken heart. I felt like a shit. Broken on a 1000 pieces. How could this happen to me. A 21 years old girl who thought love couldn’t touch her. … More BROKEN